CarryMinati Youtube Earning, Biography, PUBG mobile ID and stream equipment

CarryMinati Youtube sensation and a online gamer. Today we’ll speak about CarryMinati Biography, his YouTube earnings and a few details about CarryMinati PUBG mobile ID and stream equipment.

Real Name: Ajey Nagar
Age: 21 years
Birth Date: 12th june 1999
Birth Place / City: Faridabad
YouTube Followers: 16.7 million

CarryMinati attended school till 2016, when he dropped bent pursue his YouTube career; he decided to skip his class 12 board examination after feeling unconfident about the economics examination, and later completed it through distance learning.

CarryMinati Youtube Earning :
If you would like to be a Youtuber then CarryMinati is ideal example to indicate to your family. As per sources, he earns $9.3K – $148.8K monthly from his YouTube channel and $111.6K – $1.8M annually.

CarryMinati PUBG mobile ID and stream equipment :
Streaming online has become new trend on YouTube. plenty of YouTube content creators, like CarryMinati, plays live games online on YouTube. CarryMinati have two channels one is “CarryMinati” where he posts roasts videos and other gameplay channel name is ‘Carryislive’, where he live streams while playing various games. He usually streams PUBG mobile.

CARRYMINATI PUBG Mobile ID is 545247961, and he uses name Khalidjamonday.

CarryMinati stream Equipment :
From our sources CarryMinati has the subsequent setup – 
Monitor – LG 34 inch Curved 21:9

CPU – Intel i7–8700K

Keyboard – Razer Black RZ03-01760200-R3M

Mouse – SteelSeries Rival 110 62468

Headphones – Sennheiser HD 598 SR Open-Back Headphone


Monitor, DELL S2240L 21.5 in LED Backlit Computer Monitor.

CarryMinati latest YouTube VS Tiktok Controversy :
CarryMinati roast of TikToker Amir Siddiqui, his comments like ‘mithai ki dukan mein le jaunga toh 200 mein bik jayega’. Twitter users went out of control called him a homophobe and a bigot.
YouTuber CarryMinati explains his side of the story in a video, after his viral video taken down by YouTube having 7 million views.
CarryMinati says he doesn’t mean what everyone assumed, because if we translate Hindi jokes to English then it’s obvious that the full meaning of the joke is going to be changed. this can be all misinterpretation of my Hindi jokes, I never hit a person on TikTok it had been a general joke on tiktokers.

Controversy of youtube vs tiktok have raised questions about mentality of our youth. If carry roast somebody is ok for audience but if some one tries to roast carryminati then our youth start hatting that person.
Everyone knows that why we use word “meetha” for boys , if carryminati is saying some one meetha in context of degradation it is absolutely against youtube terms and conditions. Youtube have taken down carryminati video labeling as homophobic.

My opinion is simple and straightforward that roasting is only comedy so you can roast anybody but if some one is feeling offended if someone is saying that he is not liking degraded jokes then you should apologise. Because we have no license we have no right to roast or degrade or make fun of any person without his consent.

Nowadays, carryMinati plays PUBG mobile with Tanmay bhatt and Samay Raina. He also tried chess with Samay.

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