Hollywood Actors who Refused to Game of Thrones main Roles

After the incredible success of HBO’s Game of Thrones, most of the Hollywood celebrities would probably love a chance to get a role in HBO’s Game of Thrones, and there is a bunch of top celebs who’ve tried to get on the hit series to no avail. But there was a time when some unfortunate celebrities refused to be part of this masterpiece Game of Thrones. Whether it was because of the busy foreign filming schedule, complaints about the cast’s pay, or immediate confusion over the George R.R. Martin-inspired story, let’s have a look at some actors who refused Game of Thrones roles.

Tamzin Merchant

The lead role played by Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen was initially offered to Tamzin Merchant. And Tamzin Merchant Before Emilia Clarke gained international fame as Mother of Dragons. The first version of the pilot was, according to show owners D.B. Weiss and David Benioff, a “huge problem,” and most have to be redone.

Jennifer Ehle

When HBO reshot, Jennifer Ehle dropped out of the project “for unknown reasons”, opening the door for Clarke to takeover.
Pride and Prejudice fame Jennifer Ehle wasn’t the only original Game of Thrones star to walk away after its early problems. Playing Catelyn Stark, but she, too, walked away due to unavailability of the reshoots after the first take spelt trouble. After refusing, She chooses films such as The The Adjustment Bureau, King’s Speech, and Zero Dark Thirty. She also grabbed a part in the television series Gifted Man, that’s why her career hasn’t really been affected by her decision to skip out on the role that ultimately went to Michelle Fairley.

Jamie Campbell Bower

Another actor featured in the original plot who had to drop out was Jamie Campbell Bower.

The role of Night’s watchman was offered initially to Twilight and Harry Potter actor Jamie Campbell Bower, but he was unavailable when reshoots were scheduled. At that time, He was working on small screen series Camelot and the lead role in The mortal instruments, so he was replaced by Rob Ostlere. But the character of Royce was killed at the start of Show, that’s why it might not have made much of a difference for his career.

Lilly Allen

Lilly Allen was offered the role of Yara greyjoy opposite to her real-life Brother Alfie Allen. She said NO to Game of Thrones and turned down the chance. She wrote in Reddit that, she feels uncomfortable to work against her real-life Brother. As she mentioned that one scene of riding horse and her brother touching her body was unacceptable for me. But, later on, her brother dispelled her claim, he told that Gemma Whalen was always the first choice for showrunners.

Brian Cox

Brian Cox Given his impressive resume, Scottish actor Briann Cox might seem like a good fit for one of the Seven Kingdoms because of his lengthy history with period pieces. He admitted that he was once offered a role but he turned it down over the lack of loot.
In an interview, Brian cox confessed that it was his stupidity that he refused to suck a wonderful masterpiece Game of Thrones only because of payment issues. But, we can not predict the future, at that time I thought they will not want me to turn down as I was the most experienced person for this type of role.
since it’s featured some of his old friends. “I don’t know what I could play. Further, he said that he watched his friend Ian McShane, so I settled down to watch him. and he said that immediately he thought, that ‘they must have paid him well because I know him’.
According to some sources, brian cox turned this offer down because of his kids and he felt reluctant at that time to be away from home for a long time. But, it was proved a rumour as clarified the main reason for denying the Game of Thrones.

Dominic West

Dominic West told that due to family obligations he had to say no to that lovely part of Game of Thrones, offered to him. He told that he can not go far from his four children that’s why he decided to decline that lovely show.
Well, it’s still unknown that for which role Dominic west was originally invited for, but some according to some reports he was courted for the former night’s watchman which is known as king beyond the wall. But, no role is more than family, that’s why the affair actor chooses her family as a priority over Game of Thrones. He said, my nephew is addicted to this show but unfortunately I declined this show for personal life obligations.

Jonathan Pryce

A well-known name Jonathan Pryce also said NO to the game of thrones. But, the reason behind this NO is more interesting, he said he was offered a role in original series Game of Thrones but turned down that offer only because of unknown names in the script. Different strange names make me realise that this thing is not for me. He was famous for portraying the duplicitous High Sparrow in two seasons. Believe it or not, he was asked for the role but the reason behind saying NO to this masterpiece was very interesting as he said this all while interviewing with BBC radio. What changed his mind, was the character of high Sparrow which was great and famous.

Gillian Anderson

Due to responsibilities as a parent, Gillian Anderson also had to say “no” to a chance at Game of Thrones.
While interviewing Stylist Magazine she said Whether it’s Game Of Thrones or Downton Abbey, I’ve turned down things she loves. But with a four and six-year-old, I can justify spending that kind of time away from home, unless I’m working with Scorsese.” While Anderson didn’t share which role she might’ve been offered, many believe that, due to her famous red looks, she may have been a match for Melisandre the Red Witch. “There is someone I work with I like. His name is John Snow. But I’m not really sure he’s the right guy.” “Why not?” “I’m pretty sure he’s dead.”

Ray Stevenson

He is an Irish native. In an interview, well-known actor Ray Stevenson said that he was given a chance to appear in a game of thrones but he was not willing to come on TV at that time. He further added that at that time game of thrones was already aired on TV scene and he was offered a role in the very beginning of the show.
He said in an interview, that while watching my co-actors from Rome in the game of thrones, I felt it’s not my thing but I am happy for my co-actors.”
Ray Stevenson, then joined Dexter and Balck sails. Every man has his own reasons, we can’t blame our decisions because the Future is always unpredictable.

Perdita Weeks

Perdita Weeks was famous for Tudors and Penny Dreadful was offered a role as Roslin Frey, Edmure Tully’s wife but she said NO to the game of thrones. Because of her commitment to another series named ” Heretics”, shooting was in Romania. which makes difficulties for her to join the Game of Thrones.
But, the role was then played beautifully by Alexandra Dowling. The character has appeared in just one episode and was notably absent when her husband returned in Season 6, so she doesn’t lose so much.

Charlie Hunnam

Game of Thrones was a violent show. Charlie Hunnam was known for his violent characters in the past. that’s what makers want charlie to play his part in the game of thrones. His character SUMARCO on FX’s Sons of Anarchy gives makers a clue to cast him as a king Westeros or suitable for a warrior or a knight in a game of thrones. Because of his experience of swordplay, makers were negotiating with him for the role of King Arthur.
While an interview with associate press he said, ” I would love to be part of the game of thrones, as I was offered a cameo but at that time I was busy in working for another project

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