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“Main Samay hoon”, that’s what this young man uses usually. Samay Raina is an Indian YouTuber, chess player, influencer and stands up comedian. Samay Raina from Kashmir, participated in comicstaan (a comedy reality show) season 2, and with his humour, he won that show. Samay Raina always knew that he was not made for corporate life. After that, he starts standup comedy. But he was not happy with all that, he used to love playing chess so he wanted to make chess a mainstream game in India.
Samay is getting fame from his youtube channel named “Samay Raina”, having 338k subscribers. Where he usually live streams pubg, chess and fall guys.
You will notice one thing in his streams and on his pages, that he usually talks about Kashmir atrocities but in a comic way. Once he said, ” why you are saying that put your phone on flight mode, bsdk whole Kashmir is on flight mode”.
In another video of streaming pubg mobile game, he said I’m from Kashmir and we have faced this all in real life”. According to his interview in times of India, his friend Tanmay Bhatt ask him to use youtube stream as a basic platform for promotion of chess. He joined youtube, in the start he used to play famous games to collect audience then he started the promotion of chess. And now he is known as the best chess player and promoter of chess.
Let’s have a look at Samay Raina’s life and details:

  1. Biography and career
  2. Samay Raina Age and gf
  3. Samay Raina Religion
  4. Youtube Analytics and Earnings
  5. Social media accounts
  6. Samay discord
  7. Physical stats
  8. Samay Raina Family
  9. Samay Raina’s unknown fact
  10. Samay Raina college

01. Samay Raina Biography and Career

Samay Raina, winner of comicstaan season2 is Kashmiri pandit and belongs to Jammu. But because of his father’s job in Hyderabad their family shifted in Hyderabad and he spent his childhood days there in Hyderabad. Then, Samay decided to study printing engineering so he moved to Pune. Samay Raina tried his luck at guitar, chess, poetry, rapping and table tennis but he was passionate about comedy and got fame from stand up comedy that’s the reason now he is a leading youtube streamer.
He uploaded his first video on YouTube dated 23rd march.
In struggling days of his comedy career, he starts with an open mic competition in Pune, in august 2017, where he stood second where the winner of the competition was given a chance in participating in Pune comedy festival 2017, but he failed. He tried again and got a slot in 2018.
Talking about youtube career, Samay usually plays PUBG mobile with CarryMinati and Tanmay Bhatt. And also plays Fall guys with Tania Sachdev, suhani shah and Karan Singh.

02. Samay Raina age and Girlfriend

Samay Raina age is 22 years.
Samay Raina has a girlfriend, confirmed by suhani shah on her live stream while playing fall guys. but her identity is unknown.

04. Samay Raina Youtube earnings and Analytics

Total views 41.26M

Est. Monthly Earnings 
$2.19K – $5.84K

Views/Subscribers ratio
45.47% excellent

05. Samay Raina social media accounts

Id: @maisamayhoon
Posts: 145
Followers: 174k
Following: 574

Id: @ReheSamay
Followers: 31.7k
Following: 179

Channel: Samay Raina
Subscribers: 338k

06. Samay’s Discord

Samay Raina shared a story on his Instagram @maisamayhoon on 6th Sept 2020. Where we can see his discord details clearly and his current discord members are 41,208.
Here is that story

Samay Raina Official Discord

07. Physical Stats

Height: 5.9
Weight: 70 kg

08. Samay Raina Family

09. Samay Raina’s unknown fact

Samay Raina is a Dog lover.

10. Samay Raina’s College

Samay did printing engineering from Pune Vidhyarthi Griha’s College Of Engineering And Technology.

Samay Raina is promoting chess nowadays and while streaming Olympia, Samay Raina gave an interview to Times of India where he shared his point of view regarding chess. He further added that chess took his shape during lockdown with the help of youtube streaming. He said that while starting chess promotion I thought chess players would be boring, but after I met vidit gujrati and other chess masters, I was surprised that they are more humorous and funnier than me.
Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi tweeted that ” Congratulations to our chess players for winning the FIDE Online #ChessOlympiad. Their hard work and dedication are admirable. Their success will surely motivate other chess players. I would like to congratulate the Russian team as well”. And samay Raina answers him with:

samay raina tweet to narendra modi

Samay Raina promoted chess in COVID-19 locked down so he tweeted after successful promotion, “1500 years of the game but all it took is just a microorganism to make chess popular. Shout out to COVID-19″.

Magnus Carlsen on Samay Raina YouTube Stream

In September 2020 people went crazy when Samay Raina called a guest on his live stream. In the start, Samay didn’t tell his audience but gives them hints that someone big is coming. When samay Raina called world chess champion Magnus Carlsen on his youtube live stream with Taniya sachdev and karan singh, then people went crazy. It was best youtube stream of Samay Raina. Samay Raina played hands and brain with magnus Carlsen. Hands and brain is also chess game.
In that stream Magnus Carlsen told about a shortest chess match with Vidyut Gujrati, that his stomach was upset at that time because of Calcutta food.

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