Top 10 Bollywood Celebrity who have insured their Body parts

We follow Bollywood celebrities as they are part of our family. Bollywood fans always wanted to know day to day activities of their favourite celebrity. Beauty is the main factor behind this un ended attraction of Bollywood celebs towards their fans. Body parts are the main reason of celeb’s beauty and personality that attracts us.
Have you ever thought that you should insured your asset? Of course, many of us have got insurance of homes cars or other assets we have, but it sounds weird that our beautiful Bollywood celebrities have assured their body parts. Insurance of body parts or anything else which is unique in your personality is like copyright, no one can copy your property. It can be weird for us but these are main assets of these Bollywood celebs. Lets have a look on our top 10 favorite celebrities who have assured their body parts.

10.Manisha Lamba

Insurance connotes the money given in compensation for in any case of damage or illnes of that insured property. This 33 year old Bollywood actress have insured her butt. Don’t be astonish read full article you will see more Bollywood actors and actresses who have insured his/her butt. She made her Bollywood debut with the movie yahaan. Recently she was seen in ullu webseries named kasak.

09. Malika Sherawat

She is 42 year old Bollywood hot actress. One of the main reasons behind the attraction people have for these Bollywood celebrities is their beautiful body. So, Malika sherawat have insured her whole body. Malika Sherawat is known as most sexiest actress in Bollywood industry. Not only in Bollywood, this deva has also worked in English and Chinese film industry.

08. Sunny Deol

If we thinks about sunny deol , what comes first in our mind is his actions and powerful arms. But he have insured his voice and unique dialogue delivery. He said ” i don’t have that people make memes or copy my voice but it upsets me when people go below the belt. Everyone have heard his most popular dialogue” dhai kilo ka hath” so his tremendous dialogue delivery is best thing which he should insured.

07. Neha Dhupya

Neha said she was approached to have her derriere insured from the same company that in the past had insured Jennifer Lopez’s butt. Neha dhupya is 38 year old. So don’t think that buttocks are useless.

06. Lata Mangeshkar

Lata is known as nightingale of india. When ever we listen songs of this living legend we always swoon over her melodies because she puts her feelings into songs intensively. As an honour of respect, The government of Madhya Pradesh has instituted the Lata Mangeshkar Award. I know its obvious that which unique thing lata can insured, you are right its her magical voice.

05. John Abraham

John Abraham is the first actor of Bollywood who insured his body part. Abrahm insured his butt and made a latest twist in Bollywood trend. Everyone remembers the opening scene of movie dodtana where john shows his $2 million worth butt. It seems weird that we are talking about john’s butt in this article. Everyone went in surprise when john’s manager announced that he is looking for firm to insured john’s butt.

04. Sania Mirza

Sania mirza is top tennis player of india. Game of tennis needs healthy hands and hands played pivotal role in this game. She have beautiful body. So sania insured her hands, because there powerful hands needs protection.

03. Rajnikanth

In my opinion there is no one in Asia who don’t knows this south superstar. This south Indian superstar have huge fan following all over the world. There is no replacement for this living legend. Rajnikanth versatile voice has so many fans so he has decided to insured his voice.

02. Priyanka Chopra

A well known indian diva Priyanka Chopra is not only Bollywood star but now she is international star. She won two titles of Miss india and Miss world in 2000. Her dazzling smile is her secret of versatile attractive personality. So no doubt , this Bollywood actress priyanka chopra has insured her beautiful smile.

01. Amitabh Bachan

Where ever you hear the name of Amitabh Bachan , the first thing comes in mind is her robust unique voice. So he has got insured his voice. This 77 year old yet charming Bollywood actor was rejected from the job of Radio Jockey because of his voice but he made his voice as his strength.

Insurance of any body part or smile is registering copyright. There is long lasting list of other Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities who have insured there body parts.

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