Top 5 indian Youtubers | Best Indian Roasters on YouTube

It all began with a controversial roast hosted by AIB in 2015, that drew attention towards a new field of comedy in India. Before that, roasting was something totally unheard of.

The comedy roast show AIB Knockout, featuring Karan Johar as roast master and Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor as the guests went viral before attracting widespread controversy. It was misinterpreted and a court case ensued for the AIB members.

But this roast woke up the hidden roasters inside Indian people. These roasts offer relief from your otherwise mundane life.

In recent years, many roasters have sprung up on YouTube but only some have impressed the audience and we are here to talk about them.

But Before starting, we want to tell you something. We usually say in our blogs that are compilations are purely based on stats. But the picks in this video are totally on our choices. After all, that’s what we do, give our opinions. We are not underestimating anyone. You might have different choices than us.

05. Dank Rishu

Dank Rishu YouTube subs oct 2020

One of the YouTubers/ roasters who gained fame in recent times has to be Dank Rishu. Rishabh Arora, or commonly known as Dank Rishu, started his YouTube journey in 2016 with the name “Minati is here”, since he was a big fan of Carryminati. Later he changed the name to Dank Rishu, and in no time, Dank Rishu became a prominent name in the roasting community.

Dank Rishu is famous for calling out the fellow creators for their weird and illogical content. His video series, Content Chowkidaar is one of the most-watched series among his followers in which logically breakdowns and roast the content of creators like Gareeb, Mumbaiker Nikhil, BBJ, Neon Man, etc. His spat with Gareeb and Neon Man is one of the biggest fights in the YouTube community.

According to 3rd October 2020, Dank Rishu currently has 196K subscribers and with his popularity, the numbers are destined to go up.

04. Yogi Baba

Yogi baba subs in oct 2020

Another Youtube channel that is underrated and has some hilarious content for the viewers is Yogi Baba. The co-founders of the channel are Anuj, Rajeevand Yogesh.

According to 3rd Oct 2020 With 424K subscribers, this channel is far more underrated than its potential. The content was previously focused on commentary about random topics which later changed when the creators started the “In a nutshell” series.

The channel is not a typical roasting channel their content is mainly focused on the roasts of movies and songs. The way the narrator delivers the content is just awesome. The creator has an impressive swag. No doubt there are a few cuss words. But that’s the element of originality in their videos. If you haven’t watched their videos you are certainly missing out on a lot of laughter.

03. Saiman Says

YouTube subs in Oct 2020

Do you like Pewdiepie? Well, Saiman Says is kind of an Indian version of him. Saiman Says is an Indian roasting channel owned by Saiman dar Waghdhare.

He started his channel 9 years ago and the content was mostly focused on random stuff and vlogs. After quitting his job, Saiman became active on YouTube and since then, the channel has been growing tremendously.

Nowadays, he makes meme reviews, parodies, sketches, reaction videos etc. Besides this, he also actively roasts other YouTuber’s content in a satirical way. His jokes are way smarter than most of the YouTubers combined.

Since August 2010 he has been able to gather 760k subscribers. Although his channel is not that popular today, he is the rising star of recent times and will soon achieve what he deserves.

02. Slayy Point

Slayy point YouTube subs oct 2020

Talk about family-friendly roasting. Slay point is another YouTube roasting channel that is different from the rest of the lot.

Owned by Abhyudaya Mohan and Gautami Kawale, the channel currently has 3.15M subscribers. The channel was initially known as ‘silly point’ and the creators posted videos related to Cricket talks, match predictions, etc. But then the channel changed its genre to roasting, which was definitely a very good decision.

They don’t have a particular restriction on the topic of roasting. They talk about Indian TV shows, random blogs on the internet, movie bits, and occasional vlogs.

The duo is pretty famous in the community and has collaborated with many famous YouTubers like Angry Prash, Saiman says, Flying beast, etc. Do check them out if you haven’t till now.

01. CarryMinati

CarryMinati youtube subs in Oct 2020

Who hasn’t heard of Ajey Nagar aka Carryminati? He is among the most successful YouTube roasters in India. Hell, he is the most successful roasters of India. When he started his career, he used to post gameplay videos with his commentary while roasting some people along. His roasting made him popular, after which he entered into mainstream roasting. He also has another channel by the name ‘carry’s live’ where he live-streams his gameplays.

After getting into the Tik-Tok vs YouTube, carry took over the fellow creators and became the most subscribed individual YouTuber from India. He currently has over 25.9M subscribers on his channel and there is nothing stopping him.

His recent video “Yalgaar” is the current sensation among his followers. He is the current reigning king and deserves all the praise coming his way. It’s true that he doesn’t refrain from cuss words. But imagine, Carry’s roast without cuss words? It won’t be the same.

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Well, these were our choices. Obviously, you’ll have your favourites. Do comment your favourite roasters. We’ll bring you our next compilation soon.

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