Watch NETFLIX show, according to Your Zodiac Star Sign

This article is not just fun writing or rough recommendation, all information in this article is based on a survey, we have taken a survey of over 10,000 good old folks from different areas.
Actually, we all know that Netflix is a hub of great shows. We always spend a lot of time in taking a decision that which show is best whether horror or comedy or any other genre or form which show I should make a start. So don’t worry, now your zodiac star will help you in taking started on Netflix in 2020. Here what you should watch on Netflix according to your zodiac sign.

1. Aquarius (20 January to 18 February)

Basically, this show is about friendship, the beauty of being young and self-discovery. It is best for Aquarius, as it is about the relationship, how society’s thought about sex is affecting young generation. The show challenges gender norms in a very clever way. Series covers social injustice that’s why this show can make the fastest way to an Aquarius’ heart.

Aquarius love to analyze everything till death. So, this is a perfect pick for you. This Netflix show is about a love triangle, women started an affair with her boss and ends up befriending his wife. So Aquarius Zodiac Star Sign should watch this movie.

2. Pisces (19 February to 20 march)

This Netflix show is the perfect pick for Zodiac sign Pisces. They are dreamy, emotional and sensual, which is also the plot of this Show. Pisces love action and fantasy world. This show has it all. People having Pisces Zodiac star sign should watch this Netflix show.

Netflix Show filled with emotional drama is worth a watch. You will cry in one scene and start dancing in another scene. Best pic for zodiac sign Pisces, as Piscean are sensitive and creative. This Netflix music drama is created by la land. My personal favourite, as I’m Pisces too, Eddy is must-watch Netflix show for zodiac sign pisces.

3. Aries (21 march to 19 April)

Zodiac sign Aries like things quick, bold and dirty. That’s why Aries need to start watching BIG MOUTH. There are three seasons of this show. Zodiac star Aries loves dirty and exceptional content thats why this Netflix show will become their most favourite.

AJ and the Queen
Aries are adventure lovers, they love unique and comic stories, this show has it all. Story of a queen who went for a cross country trip. This Netflix show will be the Queen of Zodiac sign Aries.

4. Taurus (20 April to 20 May)

Zodiac Taurus are known for their stubbornness and for their ability to face any and every challenge. Black Moon movie plot revolves around the fantasy of a teenager who wants to do witchcraft and this Netflix show is very relatable to Taureans.

Zodiac sign Taureans are beauty lovers, they always wanted to be surrounded by girls, much like in the Netflix series Trinkets. The show is about grieving teen and her two unexpected connections with two girls.

5. Gemini (21 May to 20 June)

Zodiac sign Gemini is said to be indecisive. If you read about Gemini you will be like, Love is blind is made by Geminis for Geminis. This show is about communication and Drama. Filled with Emotions and Drama is the perfect pick for Gemini.

Gemini people are known as two-faced but it is rarely known fact that Geminis are exceptionally smart. This show will check your smartness and it will take a seat in your favourite movie list easily.

6. Cancer (21 June to 22 July)

This reality show is perfect for zodiac sign cancer, as they are very emotional and caring. This is a dating show, where 14 sex-crazed single contestants meet their match and make a connection without any intimacy. Cancer’s loyalty traits will keep them engaged in this series which is consisted of nine parts.

Cancer’s are deeply involved with their loved ones because of their emotional nature. This new crime series THE STRANGER will tap into your nature. If your family keeps secrets from you, your world will be blown, this is the plot of this show.

7. Leo (23 July to 22 August)

This show is based on the ’80s and gives look into social class during the ’80s. People having zodiac sign Leo loves to analyze things deeply. This show will give you a chance to analyze what obstacles others before you have faced and overcome.

Leo people are known as creative and humorous. This is a reality show of Netflix where contestants have to prove themselves as creative by making a cake, in short words contestants have to prove them Leo aka creative and enthusiastic to win $10,000.

8. Virgo (23 August to 22 September)

Story of an ice skater who returns to sports after injury. Relentlessness in achieving goals and touch of romance will touch your sensitive side. Virgo is a perfectionist so the characters of this movie are young adults and this show is for those whose daily life is ruled by desires and perfectionism. Virgo’s put their whole power and efforts to achieve an impossible goal that’s the plot of this movie.

Fashion competition series hosted by Alexa Chung and tan France. Why do we pick for Virgos? Only because show rewards hard work and gives opportunity, which is appealing to a Virgo’s personality. You will start assuming yourself a judge of season two if you watch its first season.

9. Libra (23 September to 22 October)

This miniseries has four episodes each of 50 plus minutes. Series is about a young woman who has escaped from an arranged marriage and went to berlin. She was 19 and pregnant, she leaves everything and started a new life. This show investigates marriage as an institution. Justice oriented Libra believes in self-independence and free will. Story of Independent women who fights for her rights is a perfect choice for libra to watch.

Libra people are usually social and diplomatic, which is why designated survivor is best to pick for libra. You will feel sympathize for tom, who is a cabinet member, who unwillingly became president after a terrorist killed the ex-President.

10. Scorpio (23 October to 21 November)

People having Zodiac sign Scorpio is known to be highly sensitive, mysterious and stubborn.  This is must-watch for Scorpios and plot revolves around a murder and its investigation by a lawyer and her five students.

One main characteristic of Scorpio is their emotional intensity. This movie will blow your mind. Performance of actors will spark your creativity. I think no Scorpio left who doesn’t have watched this movie, the director must be Scorpio. If you haven’t watched it yet, just leave and watch it right now.

11. Sagittarius (22 November to 21 December)

Sagittarius is known to be pure-hearted, honest and idealist. They are adventurous and love those things which can grab their attention, that’s why we are suggesting this show. Five seasons of this show will definitely grab your attention. The show is about a convict who didn’t do anything wrong but sentenced to death. The movie is about to plan his brother to escape from a death sentence.

Must watch for rebel nature Sagittarius. In this show, the main lead attempts to work around the whole day surveillance to solve a murder. This thriller flick will attract Sagittarius more than others.

12. Capricorn (22 December to 19 January)

Capricorn is only known for their responsible nature but their competitive nature is lesser-known. Cheer is best to show, it focuses on life on five cheerleaders. Who is part of a nationally ranked team?

People having Zodiac sign Capricorn are known for having lots of responsibilities. They are usually family-oriented and want only success in every field. Modern Family is the perfect pick for Capricorn as the movie revolves around three families.

Hope you will love our suggestions. Don’t forget to post reviews about these shows in comment section after watching these shows.


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